Simha (July 23 - August 21)
Simha is the fifth zodiac sign and is denoted by Lion. The creative and romantic Lion rules the Zodiac's house of pleasure. The playful Lion loves fun and is a supremely social animal. People born under this sign are marked by certain good qualities making them creative, generous, warmhearted, enthusiastic, loving, broad-minded, and faithful. Simha  have a powerful presence and staying power that insures them success in their conquests. They are called the true Kings of the zodiac. They have powerful intelligence and are of a broad philosophical, sometimes religious, turn of mind. Those who are devout may become very obstinate in upholding traditional beliefs and will cling tenaciously, but with complete sincerity, to practices and doctrines which liberal thinkers regard as absurdly out-of-date.

The Simha usually puts up a brave fight to overcome without calling upon others for help. On giving up, Simha person is usually very sick though he recovers rapidly from illness.Simha  rules the heart, aorta, vena cava, dorsal region of the spine, and the spinal cord. Simhas tend to be at managerial level since they are ambitious by nature and also because they dislike manual labor. They can good as politicians, and chairman or director in business. They are excellent organizers often laying the groundwork for new projects. Simha women make exceptionally good welfare workers. Simha requires a lover who can keep up with them and certainly one who can match wits. Simha has very high expectations. The ideal Simha soul mates are Kumbha who understand the pleasure principle and work hard to keep their mate satisfied.