Aquarians are original and one-of-kind people. In fact, they enjoy when they are different from everyone else. You love ignoring other's ideas and setting off on a new path of your own. Being bored is something you avoid at all costs.

You seek out knowledge where ever you go and often seem lost in deep thought. Open-mindedness and objectivity are qualities that people seek from you. You are also very outgoing and enjoy being around others. Not being tied down by anything and being independent are very important to you.

Often you will come up with an amazing plan to fix things, but rarely do you follow through with it. Getting your hands dirty and working just does not appeal to you. You love to think of the big scheme and not fuss about the small details. People may grow tired of your self-importance as you try to be an expert on everything. Getting in a good argument is always a challenge an Aquarian will engage in.

Aquarius & Aries: This can be a passionate affair, but both want to be in charge.

Aquarius & Taurus: Freedom loving Aquarius will soon slip away from possessive Taurus.
Aquarius & Gemini: These two always get along and seemingly nothing can break them apart.
Aquarius & Cancer: Passions in the bedroom might be the only thing going on in this relationship.
Aquarius & Leo: Scene stealing Leo is just too much for Aquarius too handle.
Aquarius & Virgo: This couple will not be able to work well with each other.
Aquarius & Libra: Both will find the other one so fascinating that neither one will want to leave.
Aquarius & Scorpio: Personality conflicts end this relationship before it even begins.
Aquarius & Sagittarius: Love of life and of each other make this a perfect combination.
Aquarius & Capricorn: This pair might start off rocky, but if they stick it out great things can happen.
Aquarius & Aquarius: This combination might not produce fireworks, but both will be satisfied.
Aquarius & Pisces: Aquarius will always be trying to escape from controlling Pisces in this relationship.

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