The Ash Tree

February 18 - March 17
Celtic Symbol : The Trident Or Sea - Horse
Zodiac Degrees : 28º00` Aquarius - 25º59` Pisces
Ruling Planet : Neptune - Lir
Ancient Gods Associated With Neptune :
Greek : Oceanus, Poseidon
Celtic : Lir, Manannan
Character Reference Of The Ash Tree Sign

Ash tree people have a dual aspect to their character which makes it difficult to decide their true nature and motives. While they have an artistic nature and temperament, and appear highly vulnerable or sensitive, they can suddenly switch tactics and become quite pragmatic. They understand the baser elements of mankind as well as the spiritually profound. Perhaps for that reason alone- people born under this sign have the guiding virtue of compassion. New moon people born during the first two weeks are more impulsive and demonstrative regarding emotional relationships, more apprehensive, but immensely spontaneous. Full moon people born during the last two weeks are natural exhibitionists who respond with great generosity of spirit, which indicates a certain gullibility or naiveté. This apparent weakness is, however, just the reverse as it denotes a humble spirit - a rare human quality.
The ash tree is famous, although anonymous, since it's the tree from which the Hanged Man is suspended in tarot decks. The roots of the ash penetrate deeply into the earth, and the tree itself is known for its speed of growth. It's energy, then, also builds quickly, but is dispersed just as fast. Born under this sign, you have a "knowing" of the connection between our planet, our universe, and ourselves. You feel the pain and joy of all other creatures, from trees to animals to those humans less fortunate than you. This lends to compassion to your personality that's incomparable.