The Birch Tree

December 24 - January 20
Celtic Symbol : The White Stag
Zodiac Degrees : 2º00` - 29º59` Capricorn
Ruling Planet : The Sun - Sul
Ancient Gods Associated With The Sun :
Greek : Helios, Apollo ( Also Known As Phoebus), Cynthius And Pytheus
Celtic : Hu, Beli, Taliesin, Arthur
Character Reference Of The Birch Tree Sign

There are two distinct types of birch tree people, and this division relates to all tree signs. The new moon character is associated with the first two weeks of a sign and the full moon character with the last two weeks - throughout the signs. The new moon character has a more impulsive and emotional nature, but is inclined to be subjective or introverted. Their positive traits of character are shown by their resolve or faith in themselves in overcoming all obstacles. New moon people born under the birch tree sign are therefore more tenacious in pursuing their objectives in life. The full moon character has a clarity of purpose combined with a visionary nature and is inclined to be more objective or extroverted. Their negative traits, however, hinge around a lack of reality that clouds their judgment. According to druidic belief, the birch tree represented the seed potential of all growth, therefore, astrologically birch tree people have great personal potential, like the celtic deity Taliesin, which nevertheless requires great persistence in overcoming personal setbacks.
This slender tree is a bit deceptive. It appears fragile and delicate, yet it is capable of living where 'hardier' trees cannot. If you're born under this sign, you, too, may present a rather tender 'front' to others, but your inner strength is unwavering, and you'll lend support gladly to others who rely on you. Purity of thought and a knack for realistic evaluation is also associated with this tree