Lung Wang was said to be the Chinese Dragon king responsible for the element of fire.7 Many speak of the four main dragon kings of China - Ao Ch'in (Ao Chin), Ao Jun, Ao Kuang, and Ao Shun. Together, these four dragon brothers controled the waters of the world as well as the rain. Each of them controled one sea, and the middle of these seas was the Earth.8 The August Personage of Jade tells them where to distribute rain, too. During times of draught and times of flood, these dragon kings were sought out. 9
Ao Kuang was said to be the king of the dragon kings. His son, Ao Ping, succeeded him as the king of the dragon kings. However, Ao Ping was killed by Li No-cha in a spirtitual battle, for Ao Ping fought for the last emperor of the Shang dynasty, Chou Wang, in the Battle of Ten Thousand Spirits. (Note: This took place at the same time with the Battle of Mu, although that was an earthly battle, not a spiritual one.) No-cha then made a belt out of Ao Ping's tendons. After Ao Kuang learned of his son's death, he was quite angry at No-cha's rashness. Ao Kuang fought No-cha, but lost. After begging for mercy, No-cha spared him, but ordered Ao Kuang to transform into a blue snake. Dispite his defeat, Ao Kuang is still revered as the most important dragon king.10
Another famous dragon king was known as the White Dragon, or Pai Lung. He was born of a young girl who was cast away from her family when they found she was pregnant.11 When his flesh was thrown into the water, Pai Lung transformed into a giant white dragon, and a storm followed him. His mother died, and the local townsfolk revered her and burried her. They built a temple near her burrial tomb, which Pai Lung is said to visit.12