Motivated by the force of success, wealth, status, Capricorns are supremely ambitious. You are self-sufficient, relying on yourself to get the things you want. A fierce understanding of time makes you very organized and also gives you great patience.

You are responsible and practical, but most of all, determined. As long as there is opportunity, you will be after it. You are cautious and conservative with money, but later in life you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A project never begins for a Capricorn without a plan, but after that you will not stop until it is finished.

Others may see you as cold and unapproachable, but that is mainly the result of self-sufficiency. In relationships, you must be in control and are always testing the other's loyalty without them knowing about it. And because you keep everything to yourself, people will find it difficult to get to know the real you. Once they do, however, fierce loyalty and true affection will be their reward.

Capricorn & Aries: Arguments are waiting behind every corner in this relationship.
Capricorn & Taurus: Both like the security the other one can provide.

Capricorn & Gemini: Both could learn something from the other, but the combination doesn't make for a lasting relationship.
Capricorn & Cancer: The differences in these two might just be too big to overcome.
Capricorn & Leo: Trouble waits behind every door in this relationship.
Capricorn & Virgo: A very promising pairing with both complementing the other's strong suit.
Capricorn & Libra: Too many differences stand in the way of this relationship going anywhere.
Capricorn & Scorpio: Both find the other's personality too irresistable to want to leave. Very promising.
Capricorn & Sagittarius: These two should keep looking and avoid a relationship.
Capricorn & Capricorn: These two are perfectly matched, but the similarities may cause boredom.
Capricorn & Aquarius: This pair might start off rocky, but if they stick it out great things can happen.
Capricorn & Pisces: The differences between these two signs actually make them very compatible.

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