Find Your Tibetan Sign

Direction: south-east

Fix element: (chinese) wood, (tibetan) earth

Hour: 7 am – 9 am

Metal dragon: 1880, 1940, 2000
Water dragon: 1892, 1952, 2012
Wood dragon: 1904, 1964, 2024
Fire dragon: 1916, 1976, 2036
Earth dragon: 1868, 1928, 1988

Favourable day: sunday

Favourable day for health: wednesday

Bad day: thursday

Good harmony with: Monkey, Mouse, Bird, Wild-boar, Dragon, Snake.

Bad harmony with: Dog, Tiger, Rabbit

Qualities: courage, honesty, enthusiasm, generosity, loyalty, initiative, self-confidence, indipendence, optimism, determination, strength, vitality, magnanimity.

Lacks: impatience, vanity, superficiality, impulsiveness, arrogance, irritability, pride, hysteria, restlessness, narcisism, megalomany, superiority complex.

Favourable planet: Sun, Mercury

Non-favourable planet: Jupiter

Additional notes: his or her weather conditions at dragon birth will influence his or her life. For this reason it’s better to be born in a clear and nice day. The best part of life will start around 50. Health is one of the weakest point of Dragon who easily suffers from lungs problems. It’s also important, expecially for dragon women, to learn controlling the energies, which are often too much.