Korean Dragon Kings
There are less stories of the Korean dragon kings that of the Japanese and Chinese dragon kings. The most popular story that involves one of the Korean dragon kings is the story of the Carp. A poor fisherman caught this Carp, and the Carp begged for its life so that he may return to his family. The fisherman obliged, and the Carp turned out to be one of the sons of the Dragon King, so the fisherman was rewarded greatly.3
Another story shows how the Korean dragon kings were not seen as powerful as the dragon kings of China or Japan. This story is a tale about an old turtle who was flipped over on his back by some wanton boys who were quite ready to sell him for profit. A man, passing by this turtle, scared the boys off and flipped the old turtle back on his feet. The turtle thanked the man and said that he was the dragon king, and he would give the man any help he would need in a return favor, all he had to do was return to the shore and call. Later, this man, wandering up a mountain, found a young witch who had taken over the mountain and expelled the mountain's protector. The witch ordered him to remain with her, but the hero asked her to give him some time to think. She gave it to him, and he returned to the shores to ask the Dragon King for help. Although the Dragon King tried twice to help the young man, he was unable to help him, for the witches power was too strong. So, the dragon king entreated a higher power, which struck the witch dead.4