Astrology has played a major role in society since the beginning of civilization, and maybe even before that. Its influence can be seen in almost every part of the world. Astrology’s history is a long one, and common belief is that its origins lie with the Greeks. However, a closer look shows that the foundations for astrology were laid much earlier than that, and the Egyptians had much to do with this.

Ammon (God of Prophets)
(January 1 to February 2)

Suchos (God of the Sacred Nile)
(February 3 to March 4)

Osiris (God of Fertility)
(March 5 to April 9)

Ptah (God of Truth)
(April 10 to May 2)

Horus (God of Life)
(May 3 to June 16)

Nephtaphis (Goddess of True Love)
(June 17 to July 21)

Seti (God of Thunder and Lightning)
(July 22 to August 18)

Anubis (the Protector God)
(August 19 to September 21)

Ra (the Sun God)
(September 22 to October 15)

Isis (Goddess of Miracles)
(October 16 to November 9)

Thoth (God of Light)
(November 10 to December 3)