The Elder Tree

November 25 - December 22
The Winter Solstice ( Alban Arthuan )
Celtic Symbol : The Black Horse Or The Raven
Zodiac Degrees : 3º00` Sagittarius - 1º59` Capricorn
Ruling Planet : Saturn - Sadorn
Ancient Gods Associated With Saturn :
Greek : Saturn, Chronus
Celtic : Pryderi, Bran
Character Reference Of The Elder Tree Sign

Elder tree characters evolve gradually during their lifetimes. Initially in their youth they are inclined to waste much time and energy on worthless ventures or projects. They are often fortunate or benefit from inheritances which encourage extravagant tastes or indulgences. They have a basic restlessness or an insatiable curiosity that draws them into the study of profound subjects, and they are inclined to travel great distances in order to further their knowledge. People born during the first two weeks come under the new moon phase of the sign and they are more outspoken and impulsive. They are, however, extremely persuasive orators who will constantly challenge injustices or what they see as corrupt powers. The people born during the last two weeks come under the full moon phase, and while they have great vision, they are inclined to operate more successfully in the background rather than pursue a confrontational approach.
The elder is a very adaptable tree, quite able to regenerate itself in many ways. It can be rooted from a branch and re-grow limbs quickly, allowing it to recover from the damage of both natural and unnatural assailants with equal ease. Both under the elder sign, then, you too are able to live and prosper under any conditions. You will live many "lives" during your time here, and will carry those memories into every new venture. Think of yourself as a gypsy and a student, collecting experience and knowledge so that you may eventually become a great teacher.