Being a Gemini, means you are quick to action, eloquent in speech, diplomatic, and a source for new ideas. You do not let the world pass you by, you are out there trying to do all you can to enjoy life. You want to try as many new things as possible.

You are always on a quest to find new things to do. Usually you want more than one of everything, which includes hobbies, careers, and lovers. You love to communicate and you do so at every opportunity. Writing letters, chatting on the phone, and e-mail are all favorite ways to stay in contact with others. You also have the gift of persuasion and probably could sell a freezer to an Eskimo.

Often you run into problems because you are so quick to judge, you forget to check all the facts. Being impatient with others who are not moving at the same speed as you are is another fault of yours.

Gemini & Aries: This is a wonderful pairing because both enjoy new things and communicating.
Gemini & Taurus: Both are dependent on each other, so their pairing might just work.

Gemini & Gemini: Both are interested in everything and rarely grow bored of anything. Possibly a good pair.
Gemini & Cancer: These two are doomed for disaster.
Gemini & Leo: This combination will have fun with each other, which makes for a good relationship.
Gemini & Virgo: Common interests will bring them together, but Gemini may tire of this quickly.
Gemini & Libra: This combination is well suited for each other and makes a great pair.
Gemini & Scorpio: Could be a good pair, but neither can stand the other one.
Gemini & Sagittarius: This relationship will start impulsively and will end the same way.
Gemini & Capricorn: Both could learn something from the other, but the combination doesn't make for a lasting relationship.
Gemini & Aquarius: These two always get along and seemingly nothing can break them apart.
Gemini & Pisces: Passion may run high, but serious problems will be just as high.

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