The Hazel Tree

August 5 - September 1
Celtic Symbol : The Rainbow Salmon
Zodiac Degrees : 12º00` Leo - 8º59` Virgo
Ruling Planet : Mercury - Mugher
Ancient Gods Associated With Mercury :
Greek : Hermes
Celtic : Ogma, Manannan
Character Reference Of The Hazel Tree Sign

Hazel tree individuals are perceptive, clever people endowed with good reasoning powers. This sharpness of intellect promotes excellent debaters and writers. They are also great planners and organizers, down to the smallest detail. The urge to acquire knowledge promotes scholars and experts in their fields. People born during the first two weeks are associated with the new moon impulse of seeking knowledge and denotes an inquisitive nature which can become prying or underhand. But the positive aspects endorse a more impartial response. People born during the last two weeks come under the full moon phase which denotes a more outgoing nature and temperament. They are also inclined to become public figures who seek to educate or instruct people in the arts. Their positive traits are shown in their regard for honesty and they have well - defined principles. The negative traits are revealed in their hypercritical attitudes which stem from an inbuilt hypersensitivity.
The hazel produces its nuts in fall, after having spent the year building the inner strength to protect them. The shell of this nut is so hard, in fact, and contains its treasure so well, that it was the inspiration for the phrase "in a nutshell." Born under the sign of the hazel tree, you also have an inner treasure to offer - the fruits of your knowledge. Your wisdom and ability to communicate ideas make you capable of transforming the thoughts and opinion of others. Be careful how you wield your word wizardry.