Vietnamese Dragon Kings
The most famous story about the dragon king is actually more about his daughter. Slowcoach, a man, befriended a small animal named Cibet. Slowcoach had a nasty brother, who killed Cibet. Still, Cibet was buried beneath a tree, and whenever Slowcoach prayed there, silver rained upon him. Jealously, his brother cut down the tree. From the tree, Slowcoach made a bough, and, after his brother destroyed that as well, he made a fishing hook.13
When Slowcoach used the fishing hook, a young maiden, the daughter of the dragon king, appeared to him. She told him that he had hooked her father, and he wanted the hook removed. Slowcoach followed her and helped the dragon king. In thanks, Slowcoach recieved a blue fish which he left in his home.14
Now, this was not really a blue fish. Slowcoach learned this after a while, as every time he returned home, it was clean. Finally, he pretended to leave his house, then re-entered it, to find that the blue fish was actually the dragon king's daughter. To make her stay, he smashed the glass in which he kept the blue fish, and, as she told him to, he made bones for her.15
In jealousy, Slowcoach's brother attempted to recieve a beautiful maiden from the sea. When he went into the water, however, the dragon king simply turned him into a fish.16

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