Leos are self assured and confident and feel that can do anything in life they want to do. In fact, Leos feel that it is all entitled to them. Other people may accept to being second-best, but never a Leo. Nothing is too good for a Leo and luxury is as important as breathing to you.

You have a great flair for drama and have a knack for getting all the attention you desire. The dull and ordinary will not work for you, and if there is not enough excitement around, you create your own. You are generous and kind to others and forgive people quickly. No one could have a better friend, as long as you receive praise and flattery in return. You take pleasure in the day and do not waste time worrying about tomorrow.

Pride is your biggest problem, as your ego demands attention and praise. Often you silently suffer from an emotional wound, because you are too proud to ask for help. You can also be quite lazy as you sit back and bask in your own glory. But the world would not be as fun without Leos.

Leo & Aries: If they can find room for compromise, this could be a great relationship.
Leo & Taurus: These two will only end up trying to spite the other one. Bad idea.

Leo & Gemini: This combination will have fun with each other, which makes for a good relationship.
Leo & Cancer: Moody Cancer may find great happiness in Leo's sunny disposition.
Leo & Leo: It may be tough to figure whose in charge, but these two like a good challenge.
Leo & Virgo: This combination can only last a short time.
Leo & Libra: Controlling Leo is just what indecisive Libra is looking for.
Leo & Scorpio: This will start out as a steamy affair and probably end there, too.
Leo & Sagittarius: They both are passionate and open minded, making for a great combination.
Leo & Capricorn: Trouble waits behind every door in this relationship.
Leo & Aquarius: Scene stealing Leo is just too much for Aquarius too handle.
Leo & Pisces: They are both fascinated with each other's differences, but this doesn't make for a good pairing

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