Librans are easy to like, because of their tremendous charm and ability to make another person feel so special. And more often than not, Librans are very beautiful. You have an elegant touch and you enjoy all the comforts of life and all the things money can buy.

You are the best at building partnerships and always hear and understand the other side of the story. Avoiding friction and trouble is something you achieve to always do. You are a born diplomat and will do almost anything to smooth over a thorny situation, even if it means putting your true feelings aside.

You can be indecisive at times, because you are trying to keep things balanced and to stay fair. You are often viewed as stubborn, but that is most likely because of your fairness. Money seems to slip through your fingers as soon as you get it. Buying things is more important than saving your money.

Libra & Aries: This relationship is best left as an affair and not a long-term relationship.
Libra & Taurus: Each partner may soon grow tired of the other one's demands.

Libra & Gemini: This combination is well suited for each other and makes a great pair.
Libra & Cancer: These two are complete opposites and this only causes problems, problems, and more problems.
Libra & Leo: Controlling Leo is just what indecisive Libra is looking for.
Libra & Virgo: Libra will soon leave to find a more exciting time.
Libra & Libra: If they can keep boredom at bay, this has a chance to become a great combination.
Libra & Scorpio: Libra will probably soon leave controlling Scorpio behind.
Libra & Sagittarius: Both charming and romantic, this could turn into a wonderful pair.
Libra & Capricorn: Too many differences stand in the way of this relationship going anywhere.
Libra & Aquarius: Both will find the other one so fascinating that neither one will want to leave.
Libra & Pisces: Problems will abound from the clash of each other's personality.

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