The Oak Tree

June 10th - July 7th
Summer Solstice ( Alban Hefin )
Celtic Symbol : The White Horse Or The Golden Wheel
Zodiac Degrees : 18º00` Gemini - 14º59` Cancer
Ruling Planet : Jupiter - Jovyn
Ancient Gods Associated With Jupiter :
Greek : Zeus
Celtic : Dagda
Character Reference Of The Oak Tree Sign

Oak tree characters have breadth of vision. Their greatest personal asset is a sense of optimism and the ability to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be. A lack of discretion can, however, be their weak point. People born during the first two weeks come under the new moon phase and they are inclined to take financial risks and make personal commitments which cannot be easily consolidated. The positive aspects of character are shown with their natural powers of leadership and the ability to rise above the human vice of greed or avarice. There is an element of self- sacrifice operating within both the lunar phases or divisions of the sign, but people born during the last two weeks of the full moon phase are less inclined to make financial losses. People born during the new moon are generally more flamboyant characters and rather glory- seeking individuals. Their positive aspects are shown in their generosity of spirit, an instinctive sense of survival and creative skills.
The oak tree endures what others cannot. It remains strong through challenges, and is known for being almost immortal, as is often attested to by its long life and ability to survive fire, lightning strikes, and devastation. If you were born under this sign, you have the strength of character and purpose to endure it - no matter what your challenges. Direct your energies wisely, make sure your risks are well calculated, and you'll overcome whatever seemingly "impossible" quests are sent to you.