Find Your Tibetan Sign

Direction: north

Fix element: water

Hour: 9 pm – 11 pm

Metal wild-boar: 1911, 1971, 2051
Water wild-boar: 1903, 1923, 1983
Wood wild-boar: 1875, 1935, 1995
Fire wild-boar: 1887, 1947, 2007
Earth wild-boar: 1899, 1959, 2019

Favourable day: wednesday

Favourable day for health: tuesday

Bad day: saturday

Good harmony with: Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Mouse, Dragon.

Bad harmony with: Snake, Horse, Bird.

Qualities: full of love, availability, good hearth, generosity, sincerity, joviality, affectionateness, affability, sociality, honesty, simplicity, absence of malice.

Lacks: ingenuity, self-indulgence, greediness, disorder, inappropriateness, obstinacy, luxury, lack of tact, anger.

Favourable planet: Mercury, Mars

Non-favourable planet: Saturn

Additional notes: they have a great potentiality to develop universal love. It’s considered a very lucky sign but pigs born at the beginning of the year are less lucky than the others.