The Reed

October 28th - November 24th
The Fire Festival Of Samhain
Celtic Symbol : The White Hound Or The Stone
Zodiac Degrees : 5º00` Scorpio - 2º59` Sagittarius
Ruling Planet : Pluto - Pwyll
Ancient Gods Associated With Pluto :
Greek : Pluto
Celtic : Dis, Pwyll, Arawn
Character Reference Of The Reed Sign

Reed Characters Are The Duality Of The Ivy Sign. Persephone And Pluto Form a unifying aspect of the psyche which nevertheless is full of drama and passion. People born at this time have a powerful personal presence similar to the ivy people, the difference being that reed people are more forceful and less inclined to compromise, for they have a role to play which excludes any signs of weakness or the luxury of sitting on the fence. They act like catalysts rather than competitors in life, and they are more concerned with changing the whole formula of life rather than certain aspects of it. New moon people born during the first two weeks will make both powerful friends and enemies as their initial response is