Sagittarians always seem to have a smile on their face and often are in a good mood. The fact that they always seem to be the receiver of good fortune does not hurt anything. Though dark clouds may roll in, they rarely stick around for long with Sagittarians.

Once you see something that looks promising, you follow it all the way to the end. This happens often, because of your nonstop quest to find something better. You are also the kindest and most openhearted of all the signs and make friends easily, just do not look for a deep and enduring relationship. Honesty and humor are two of your greatest qualities and people will always admire you for them.

Being completely honest can run you into problems, as you often come across as blunt and rude. Ironically, you are thin-skinned and easily hurt by a meaningless comment. You often miss appointments, seem shallow, and do not complete projects. But overriding that, people see you as fun and like your honest ways.

Sagittarius & Aries: Both share common interests and work together well as a pair.
Sagittarius & Taurus: Serious Taurus and easy going Sagittarius may find it hard to stay together.

Sagittarius & Gemini: This relationship will start impulsively and will end the same way.
Sagittarius & Cancer: This pair makes better friends than lovers.
Sagittarius & Leo: They both are passionate and open minded, making for a great combination.
Sagittarius & Virgo: This won't last for very long, because Virgo cannot stand Sagittarius' reckless ways.
Sagittarius & Libra: Both charming and romantic, this could turn into a wonderful pair.
Sagittarius & Scorpio: The only thing that can result out of this pairing is a short-lived affair.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius: Both have so many common interests that could spell disaster in this relationship.
Sagittarius & Capricorn: These two should keep looking and avoid a relationship.
Sagittarius & Aquarius: Love of life and of each other make this a perfect combination.
Sagittarius & Pisces: They are both looking for things that the other one cannot provide.

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