Scorpions are people of extremes, you can describe them as powerful and as weak, passionate and cold. Obviously you are a collection of the best and worst human emotions. Intensity is the key to personality and to everything you do.

You give projects your all, from your career to your love life. Deep loyalty is a key characteristic, but so are possessiveness and jealousy. You're a fierce competitor and often collect little tidbits of information and then use them against your enemy at the most opportune time. Success is likely to be in your future because of your fierce determination and single-minded approach to getting what you want.

Your nature makes you prone to uncontrollable displays of anger. You often dominate those who are weaker than you, just because you can. It is best not to make an enemy of a Scorpion, others never know when their payback is coming. But it is.

Scorpio & Aries: Scorpio's jealousy and Aries' independence is a lethal combination.
Scorpio & Taurus: Starts out great, but neither one has the tolerance to make it last.

Scorpio & Gemini: Could be a good pair, but neither can stand the other one.
Scorpio & Cancer: Both please each other and feel safe and secure in this relationship. Very promising.
Scorpio & Leo: This will start out as a steamy affair and probably end there, too.
Scorpio & Virgo: There may be some trouble with this combination, because both find it hard to communicate.
Scorpio & Libra: Libra will probably soon leave controlling Scorpio behind.
Scorpio & Scorpio: Both are too demanding to give in and make this relationship work.
Scorpio & Sagittarius: The only thing that can result out of this pairing is a short-lived affair.
Scorpio & Capricorn: Both find the other's personality too irresistable to want to leave. Very promising.
Scorpio & Aquarius: Personality conflicts end this relationship before it even begins.
Scorpio & Pisces: Mutual fascination and appreciation make this a very promising combination.

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