Find Your Tibetan Sign

Direction: south-east

Fix element: fire (chinese), earth (tibetan)

Hour: 1 pm – 3 pm

Metal sheep: 1871, 1931, 1991
Water sheep: 1883, 1943, 2003
Wood sheep: 1895, 1955, 2015
Fire sheep: 1907, 1967, 2027
Earth sheep: 1959, 1919, 2079

Favourable day: friday

Favourable day for health: monday

Bad day: thursday

Good harmony with: Wild-boar, Rabbit, Horse, Snake.

Bad harmony with: Buffalo, Dog, Monkey, Mouse.

Qualities: artistic sensitivity, religiousness, adaptability, goodness, calm, generosity, kindness, sincerity, affectionateness, sincerity, romanticism, phantasy, creativity.

Lacks: pessimism, indiscipline, inconstancy, unsatisfaction, lack of practical sense, passivity, dependence, indecision.

Favourable planet: Venus, Moon

Non-favourable planet: Jupiter

Additional notes: is one of the luckiest signs and in chines tradition it
is said that having a sheep in the house brings luck.