People count on you to get the job done when everyone else gives up. You are not a pioneer, but a persevering follower who ties up all the loose ends. Your greatest quality is your relentless drive that helps you achieve success in all areas.

Ones born under Taurus are very reluctant to change. You figure if it's not broke why fix it. In a new environment, you feel very uneasy and uncomfortable. A great temper is found inside of you, but it is rarely shown. However, if someone pushes you, they will feel your entire wrath.

Living with a Taurus is not always a fun time. You can be opinionated, secretive, suspicious and your silent manner may hide feelings of envy and rivalry. You can also be lazy and it may take a lot of prodding to get you moving.

Taurus & Aries: Aries will soon grow tired of Taurus' slow pace and dependence.

Taurus & Taurus: This combination might work for awhile, but soon both will want out.
Taurus & Gemini: Both are dependent on each other, so their pairing might just work.
Taurus & Cancer: Similar interests and desires make this a harmonious relationship.
Taurus & Leo: These two will only end up trying to spite the other one. Bad idea.
Taurus & Virgo: Taurus will ignite Virgo's passions; very promising.
Taurus & Libra: Each partner may soon grow tired of the other one's demands.
Taurus & Scorpio: Starts out great, but neither one has the tolerance to make it last.
Taurus & Sagittarius: Serious Taurus and easy going Sagittarius may find it hard to stay together.
Taurus & Capricorn: Both like the security the other one can provide.
Taurus & Aquarius: Freedom loving Aquarius will soon slip away from possessive Taurus.
Taurus & Pisces: They might not understand each other, but both are fascinated with the other. Very promising.

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