The Willow Tree

April 15th - May 12th
The Fire Festival Of Beltane
Celtic Symbol : The Sea Serpent
Zodiac Degrees : 24º00` Aries - 20º59` Taurus
Ruling Planet : The Moon -Llun
Ancient Gods Associated With The Moon :
Greek : Artemis, Selene, Hecate
Celtic : Cerridwyn, Morrigan, Morgan Le Fay
Character Reference Of The Willow Tree Sign

Willow tree characters are difficult people to get to know in any depth or detail, for people born under this sign touch upon all the mysterious aspects of nature associated with the moon. Their psychic antennae are switched on, so that they have recall to the remotest regions of memory. The positive aspects of character generally are shown in their passive tenacity and shrewdness. People born during the first two weeks of the lunar month are more inclined to sudden mood changes, which encourage some unreliable traits of character. The positive aspects are shown by their receptiveness to change in being quick to take advantage of the opportunities presented. People born in the last two weeks are inclined to disregard advice and their own reasoning powers can lack credibility. The positive aspects are demonstrated by their resourcefulness and excellent memories.
The willow seeks out water, and is often found near streams or above natural underground wells. Like no other, this tree is associated with the Moon, in all her phases - and so symbolizes the change of our feelings and "moods" as time passes. Born under the sign of the willow, you are an instinctive creature - in fact, you often react primarily from your "gut response" rather than on intellectual information. Watch the rhythm of your moods carefully and pay attention to your dreams. Their symbolism will help you to navigate through life.